Rainy Day Activities in the North of Boston / Merrimack Valley Region (MA)

Pied Piper - Concord Museum - Concord, MA
Concord Museum

35 Cambridge Turnpike at Lexington Road Concord, MA, 01742 Phone: 978-369-9763

Take advantage of that rainy “indoor day” to visit Concord’s engaging history museum

When you see rain and realize it’s going to be an indoor kind of day, that’s a perfect day to visit the Concord Museum, where history comes alive. The museum, which takes one to two hours to explore its 16 galleries and current special exhibition, has a marvelous collection of objects, including the famed lantern used by Paul Revere, Henry Thoreau’s humble writing desk (on which he drafted “Walden” and other works), and the study used by Ralph Waldo Emerson. There are interactive stations and scavenger hunts, and a digital map in the April 19, 1775 gallery that takes visitors step by step through that historic day.