Feel the flavor and history of Massachusetts through the art of objects

Enjoying the arts of a place is often one of the great pleasures of travel. Arts can include formal objects like paintings and sculptures, but art also includes beautifully crafted buildings and tools and household objects. New England lodgings and hosts love to display the artfully made things of the region’s past, like quilts, basketry, old signs, and intricately designed tools of old farms and kitchens. Along with formal art, many of these historic and artful objects of home and workplace decorate New England lodgings and places to dine, and your hosts relish the chance to tell stories of their time and use.

Lodgings with Art in Massachusetts
Art Gallery Photography - Hotel on North - Pittsfield, MA
Hotel on North

297 North Street Pittsfield, MA, 01201 Phone: 413-358-4741

Berkshires hotel honors its history and its local artisans

You could say the Hotel on North has lots of surprises in store, and it would literally be true, since the boutique hotel’s two 1880s buildings once housed a menswear and sporting goods store. That might explain the tin ceilings and birdcage elevator, now the stationary site of a cocktail table for two. It also explains the hotel’s dedication to its deep Berkshire roots, which means art, textiles and furniture in each room crafted by local artisans. The accent on art also is highlighted in the Gallery on North, a rotating exhibit of art, sculpture, photography and other curated pieces just off the lobby. And then there’s the library suite, with 125 bookshelves and a rolling ladder to help make your selection.