Berkshires and Pioneer Valley open & ready for snowmobiling

Snowy Trail - Beartown State Forest - Monterey, MA - Photo Credit Laurie Whitelock
Beartown State Forest

69 Blue Hill Road Monterey, MA, 01245 Phone: 413-528-0904

Snowmobiling at Beartown State Forest is permitted, provided there's just been a good snowstorm; 4 inches of hard-packed snow is required for this activity. Glide through the glistening snow and take in nature's beauty! - Trail Map (PDF)
Winter View - Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest - Hawley, MA - Credit Luke Gariepy
Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest

MA Route 8A Hawley, MA, 01339 Phone: 413-339-5504

This 7,882-acre forest allows offers snowmobiling on 35 miles of trails, if snow conditions allow. Interior roads are in bad shape. All trash must be carried out. Parking is at King Corner garage on Route 8A. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed. - Trail Map (PDF)
Winter Trail - Mount Grace State Forest - Warwick, MA - Photo Credit Jezrielle Grace
Mount Grace State Forest

78 Winchester Road Warwick, MA, 01378 Phone: 978-544-3939

Snowmobiling is allowed at this state forest. - Trail Map (PDF)
Winter Trail - Jug End State Reservation - Egremont, MA - Photo Credit Ken & Christina MacLean
Jug End State Reservation

Jug End Road Egremont, MA, 01258 Phone: 413-528-0330

Snowmobiling is allowed at this rustic property. - Trail Map (PDF)
Snowy Trail - Mount Greylock State Reservation - Lanesborough, MA - Photo Credit Aubri Drake
Mount Greylock State Reservation

30 Rockwell Road Lanesborough, MA, 01237 Phone: 413-499-4262

There are multiple snowmobile trails available for use in appropriately snowy conditions on majestic Mount Greylock. Trail Map (PDF)