Brewery towns in Boston make a fun excursion for beer-loving visitors

Local brewery and cidery tours are an increasingly popular activity in the resurgence of the local food scene. And few places do it is as well as Boston with facilities, tasting rooms, and pubs around the area. Imbedded in local fairs and festivals , these tasty brews make events more fun and celebratory and science says in moderation, may also be good for your health . Step up and sample a true craft brew then take home some of your favorites. Beer drinkers looking for a fresh experience might like the hard cider. And see how it’s made too.
Tasting Table Pour 500x250 - Bantam Cider - Somerville, MA
Massachusetts -- Bantam Cider Company

40 Merriam Street Somerville, MA, 02143 Phone: 617-299-8600

There’s a new hard cider in town, aimed at the palate of beer lovers

You've tried hard cider, and said "no thanks" to more. You'll change your mind after a visit to Bantam Cider's production facility and tasting room in Somerville's Union Square. This young cidery aims for a new slant on hard cider – tart and full-bodied, just right for beer drinkers looking for a fresh experience. Visit and sip a true craft brew that calls to mind the cider houses in Spain's Basque region. Take a walk through the cidery, and see how it's made. The apples have traveled only from nearby western Massachusetts. After your tour visit our tasting room and sample up to eight ciders on draft, including limited edition batches such as Dry Hopped, Hibiscus Mint, or Wild One. Reopen your mind and palate to hard cider – refreshment for adults, as our New England ancestors meant it to be.